• Helping People who care for someone

    “Whether it be yourself, your family or friends, you are reading this because you care for someone. Protecting your health & ability to earn is undoubtedly your greatest asset while you’re alive, so why ignore it? And leaving your loved ones in financial hardship should you pass away is avoidable, providing you take the right steps now!”

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Total Permanent Disablement

Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)

The “permanent” defines this scenario. How much could you earn from now until retirement? It’s a scary thought, but it makes sense to protect this.



This pays a lump sum amount should illness or injury cause you to become totally & irreversibly disabled, & unable to ever work again in your usual occupation. Commonly an underinsured area, yet covering one of the more devastating scenarios you could face, as your earning capacity is over!

When you think of your potential earned income from now until you retire, it will put in perspective the importance of having total permanent disablement covered.

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