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    “Whether it be yourself, your family or friends, you are reading this because you care for someone. Protecting your health & ability to earn is undoubtedly your greatest asset while you’re alive, so why ignore it? And leaving your loved ones in financial hardship should you pass away is avoidable, providing you take the right steps now!”

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Should you require medical treatment that public system does not supply, how would you fund this?


This pays the cost of treatment for non-acute health issues through the private sector, where the public system may put you on a waiting list, or just not cover at all. It allows you access to high quality hospital & surgical services, plus certain specialist & diagnostic treatment. Some companies even offer benefits for GP visits, dental & optical cover, depending on your preference.

Common benefits of health insurance policies are:

  • Surgical Hospitalisation e.g. General surgery, surgeons/anaesthetists fees, operating theatre fees
  • Non-surgical Hospitalisation e.g. hospital costs, specialists/diagnostics whilst in hospital
  • Major Diagnostics e.g. MRI scans, CT scans, Laparoscopy, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy

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