• Weighing up the impact
    on your lifestyle

    We call it the delicate balance, in terms of what your family, home & lifestyle are reliant on. Whilst the immediate thought that comes to mind is money, ultimately your ability to earn is dependent on one thing – YOUR HEALTH.

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  • Helping People who care for someone

    “Whether it be yourself, your family or friends, you are reading this because you care for someone. Protecting your health & ability to earn is undoubtedly your greatest asset while you’re alive, so why ignore it? And leaving your loved ones in financial hardship should you pass away is avoidable, providing you take the right steps now!”

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  • Protecting the cash flow & core of your business

    Whilst your material assets are valuable, they are generally replaceable. Should your business lose a key person however, the impact can be far more devastating. Adequate coverage & planning in this area will ensure this risk is minimised.

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  • Working with you at claim time

    When it comes down to it, we are here to assist you when you need it most. It is a core part our business, & a service we offer to all our customers.

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Personal Insurance

Protecting your family from the impact of ill health & the inability to earn income.

Business Insurance

Protecting the cash flow & key people within your business.

Mortgages / Kiwisaver

Connecting you with the lenders that best suit your needs & financial profile.

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